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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Klik Rupiah Indonesia | PTC

If we usually find sites that are managed foreign PTC and paid in the form of a dollar, another case with the site of the PTC. We will be paid with the rupiah to Rp 100 from each click on ads that we do. Payout can be done when the account value has reached at least Rp 50,000. Payment is done through the BCA and Bank Mandiri. In the second outside the bank, will cut additional costs.

Regulation Klik Rupiah

Start now and the next new member required to register after clicking on ads, at least 1x, the more the better. If you do not click the ad the next day, your account has been deleted by the system. Please understand we apply this system to minimize the replacement of the complaint because the member refferal never do click activity. Hopefully the membership application of this rule can be used only by all the member for the best PTC KlikRupiah this.

Create a new member who do not know how to get money from, please do this:
1. Once you have successfully registered in KlikRupiah, please log in using your account
2. Select the link "Click Ads"
3. 1 ad clicks that are available to open a new tab
4. Wait 30 seconds until time runs
5. Black box out, select the appropriate code ordered
6. If the page is open exit signs green check mark you get the money from the stated KlikRupiah
Register Here

1. Accounts "0" will remove us every day that executed at 21:00 WIB
2. If you are still interested in the program klikrupiah, please re-register.
3. No complaints, the regulations for the good of all our member. You only need 30 minutes a day to click on our ads.
4. Should use the browser Opera or Mozilla and the latest version Avoid using IE browser because we do not recommend the sake of avoiding problems.

Many confess that I have paid KlikRupiah from this site. Claimed the number of members has reached more than 3,000. You can enter in the forum KlikRupiah. Not when there is an attempt not want to! Just be friends and chat a while browsing.

Interested? Prepare your bank account data.
Then Sign Up Here:

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